Mega Split Airconditioners
Wall-mounted mega split AC. A product that offers you the ease of installation of a conventional wall-mounted split coupled with the power of a ducted system. All in one single unit! What's more, it saves at least 10% on your electricity bills.
Verticool Split Airconditioners
A versatile airconditioning solution for large commercial spaces such as open-layout offices, showrooms and banks particularly when you need it in no time.
Concealed Split Airconditioners
Apart from being reliable and trouble-free, the unique low noise feature makes it the quietest in the category. Its low height makes it easy to conceal, offering a central airconditioning look with higher head room. A big bonus when wall and floor space is limited.
Cassette airconditioners is a  contemporary, and extremely quiet and installation friendly. They blend beautifully with stylish interiors. It is compact and ability to distribute cool air uniformly in four directions without ducting.  An ideal choice where it is not practical to have a ducts for air flow (due to structural constraints such as low cross beams).
Cassette Airconditioners
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